Normalisation Committe validates Cricket Kenya’s Constitution

The Government appointed – Cricket Kenya Normalisation Committee has today validated and adopted with amendments the Constitution of Cricket Kenya 2021 in the presence of various stakeholders. The Zoom meeting was chaired by the International Cricket Council (ICC) representative Dr. Tavengwa Mukhulani who is also the Zimbabwe Cricket Chairman in the presence of the Committee chaired by Honourable (Rtd) Lady Justice Joyce Aluoch.

This will come as a relief to Kenyan Cricket lovers who have been mulling over the silence of the Committee since it was appointed in March 20221 with a core mandate of delivering a working Constitution that will chart the way forward for the sport in Kenya, starting with holding elections to pave way for a new Cricket Kenya Executive Board. The validation meeting has come hot in the heels of the stakeholders sending in proposed amendments by 8th October which have since been incorporated into the document.

This also marks the beginning of the end of the squabbles that have dominated The Kenyan Cricket fraternity for the last couple of years, bringing everything to a standstill, including ICC funding key for running Cricket Kenya operations.

Dr. Tavengwa Mukhulani, ICC representative and Zimbabwe Cricket Chairman

In his introductory speech, Dr. Mukhulani did not mince his words while stating that Kenya has been given the last chance to shape up or shape out. “The ICC has extended the final olive branch to Kenya. We have 107 countries playing cricket and the World will move on without Kenya. They already have in the last couple of years. Kenya has a choice to make today to be part of the international game or go into oblivion. Take advantage of the goodwill that the ICC chair has extended to Kenya to put its house in order, hold elections and run affairs properly. We hope you can make the right call and join us,” stated Dr. Mukhulani.

Honourable Rtd Alnashir Visram perusing through the proposed amendments

On her birthday, Hon (Rtd) Lady Justice Aluoch stated that the validation of the document was the best birthday gift she could receive and urged for its adoption while pointing out the problem areas for review. “The views received by the committee pointed to several problem areas including diversity and inclusion, inconsistency with pieces of legislation, registration, membership, governance issues and problematic election representative clauses. As is the case all over the World, no constitution can please each and every stakeholder. As we consider this draft , I urge all to embrace the spirit of compromise, give and take for the sake of the sport which we all love and cherish.”

With the Constitution now validated and adopted, the next step will involve incorporating final amendments kickstarting of the processes to align with the said Constitution which includes registration of Counties with the Registrar of Sports.

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