NPCA suspends Kanbis players

Barely two weeks after four Super League players were handed out a two – match ban by the (NPCA) Disciplinary Committee, three more players have found themselves on the wrong end of the stick.

In the letter dated 8th October 2021, Kanbis Sports Club’s Dipen Patel, Nischay Kerai and Gautam Bhudia have been suspended following crowd invasion that led to the NPCA Division I match between Kanbis Sports Club ‘B’ and Stray Leopards Cricket Club being abandoned at Eastleigh High School on 3rd October 2021.

This comes on the eve of Lucas Ndandason and Kavi Dosaja (Nairobi Gymkhana ‘A’) and Gurdeep Singh and Tarandeep Singh (Sir Ali Muslim Club ‘A’) resuming their Club’s matches after serving out their two – match Level I and II offences’ suspensions for an on – field spat at Sir Ali three weeks ago.

The match came to a halt when Gautam Bhudia (65) was caught by Brian Asirigwa off David Mumbo with 31 runs to win and 26 balls to go but refused to walk after being prompted from the sidelines. According to sources with multiple photo and video evidence seen by the disciplinary committee, the home side’s fans invaded the field of play and broke the stumps, citing bad light due to a slow over rate and the catch having been taken outside the ropes to dismiss the ninth wicket.

Further, the suspension letter states, “The match was abandoned as a result of a pitch invasion by Kanbis “B” players and their supporters leading to the game being abandoned.”

Under Levels 2 and 5 offences, Kanbis ‘B’s skipper Dipen Patel was handed a four match ban for leading supporters and players back onto the field of play which resulted in the umpires being “put under pressure and intimidated.”

The Level 2 offence captured under 2.1 states the rule as: Showing serious dissent at an umpire’s decision by action or verbal abuse while the Level 5 rule is stated as follows: “Players must obey the Laws of Cricket and play within the Spirit of the game. The captain and team coach must use their best efforts to ensure that their team and individual members of the team comply with this rule.”

Kanbis Sports Club ‘A’s off spinner Nischay Kerai was also handed a four match ban for dislodging and “removing the stumps from the ground and declaring that the game was over prior to the umpires calling the match as required.”

Gautam Bhudia was handed a three – match ban for dissenting the umpires’ decision and “hesitating to walk off” after being dismissed, thus “triggering the field invasion.”

On their part, Stray Leopards admitted to being warned over the slow over rate by the umpires and owned up to using pacemen who dragged out the match with the team additionally bowling 34 extras. They apologized and were let off the hook owing to no previous concern over the same nor any disciplinary issue, for that matter.

As a result, NPCA has clarified that matches that have second innings running beyond the stipulated 5:15 pm close of play “can and should continue and can only be stopped for bad light by the umpire only, the result is by D/L and the same is captured in the by – laws (NPCA by – laws) under Playing by – laws No.8.”

In conclusion, the Committee stressed that all teams should ensure that they apprise themselves with the NPCA by – laws, respect the umpires’ decisions and authority and uphold the spirit of the game.

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